Selladore En Provence Rose Wine Review

As we enter into Spring one of our favourite wines is the Selladore En Provence Rose.  It just oozes spring vibes.  

You would be correct in thinking that this brand new release from Selladore Wines looks familiar.  Previously part of the Chase Distillery family, Selladore En Provence is the new rebranded name for the Chase En Provence Wine that we all loved.  

Every year the En Provence Rose sells out and there's no surprise there. The 2020 Selladore Rose is the hallmark cute from Domaine St Jean de Villecroze.  A tribute to Provence, combining meticulous winemaking and taste with chic aesthetic style.  

Selladore En Provence Rose Wine

The rose wine has a lively nose exuding stone fruit and citrus fruit aromas.  An enveloping silky texture on the palate is balanced with refreshing acidity and bone-dry flavours of peaches and grapefruits.  

The aesthetically pleasing glass bottle with glass bottle stop that we all know and love remains too.  So in short the only thing that has changed is the branding.  Still the same beautiful wine and still the same great bottle.  This bottle makes an ideal gift for wine lovers, if you can part with it that is! 

If you prefer a white, then we have the William Chase En Provence Blanc in stock also and would highly recommend it.  

The En Provence Blanc is a fruity white wine made with Vermentino grapes.

The nose exudes aromatic notes of acacia flowers which are twinned on the palate with refreshing stone fruit flavours of white peaches and apricots. A hint of smoky almonds imparts a moreish savoury character, balanced perfectly with bounteous acidity and an oily texture synonymous with Vermentino.

These two wines are both as pleasing on the palate as they are on the eye.  

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